Equipment: Pittsford



Ergoline Prestige 1100, VIP Level
• High Pressure Facials
• Climate Control, Aroma Therapy, & Body Misters
• Built in 3D Sound with MP3 Docking Station



UWE Cayenne, VIP Level
• High Pressure Facial Tanners
• Built in A/C and Body Misters
• Over 13,000 Watts of Power
• Stronger, Quicker, and More Comfortable than Darkest Level



Ergoline Maximizer Stand-Up, Darkest Level
• Over 12,000 Watts of Power
• Quick 9 Minute Exposure
• Produces a More Even Color



Ergoline Classic 600, Darkest Level
• High Pressure Facial Tanners
• High Powered Body Fan
• Extra Large Tanning Surface
• Extreme Bronzing Qualities w/ Longer Lasting Results



Radius Stand-Up, Darker Level
• Strongest Darker Level Unit
• Produces a More Even Tan
• Over 10,300 Watts of Power



Ergoline Passion 40/3, Darker Level
• High Pressure Facial
• High-Powered Body Fan
• 15 Minute Exposure



Ambition 250/300, Darker Level
• High Pressure Facial
• High Powered Body Fan
• 15 Minute Exposure



Sundash 332, Dark Level
• Quick 15 Minute Exposure
• 20% stronger than industry standard bed



Versa Spa Sunless Tan
• 100% UV free
• 3 different customizable colors, light, medium or dark
• Includes Ph-Balancing prep spray as well as post sunless hydrating spray
• Flawless streak free golden brown color, never orange.



Air Brush Tanning
• Get a Deep, Dark Tan in Less than 10 Minutes!
• 100% UV Free
• Leaves You with a Flawless, Streak-Free Golden Brown
Tan that Lasts Up to 7 Days!